Superstars (Year Round Competitive Cheer Program)

Superstars are a traveling competitive cheer program for Intermediate through Advances athletes.

Qualifications for Superstars:

Level 2 Teams

  • Back Handspring Back Walkover Back Handspring

  • Toe Touch Back Handspring Pause Back Handspring

  • Front Walkover Round-Off Back Handspring

  • Quad Jump Combination

Level 3 Teams

  • 3 connected Back Handsprings

  • Back Handspring Toe Touch 2 connected Back Handsprings

  • Round-Off Back Handspring Tuck

  • Quad Jump Combination

Level 4 Teams

  • 2 connected standing Back Handsprings to a tuck or layout

  • Standing Tuck

  • Toe Touch Back Handspring Tuck

  • Round Off Back Handspring Layout

  • Quad Jump Combination

Junior Level 2 Ages 8-14 M/W 6:00-8:00 Tuesday 7:00-8:00
Senior Level 2 Ages 11-18 T/TH 6:00-8:00 Monday 6:00-7:00
Junior Level 3 Ages 8-14 T/TH 6:00-8:00 Monday 7:00-8:00
Senior Level 4 Ages 11-18 M/W 6:00-8:00 Thursday 7:00-8:00

The monthly tuition is $260/month and the program and includes the following in the cost:

  • 12 months of tuition, USASF athletic fee

  • 2 sets of Practice clothes, bow, Make-Up

  • Choreography camp, music

  • 4-6 Local and 2 out of state competition fees.

The Uniform fee is $575 and that fee will be collected separately from monthly tuition. This fee includes uniform, shoes and warm-up jacket.

Team Placements will be held Friday, April 28th and Saturday, April 29th
The Cost is $30 per athlete
Registration is NOW OPEN